Cranky Morning Artist

With only a few hours of sleep, I set out with my partner this morning on a breakfast adventure and trips to some local hotspots. I spent the entire evening finishing several paintings that have been awaiting their retirement.  ONWARD AND UPWARD!  #Breakfast @Venue (check them out on Facebook)  Advertisements


I woke up this morning with two songs in my mind.  The first song I thought of was Smile by Uncle Kracker. I watched the video on Youtube.  It made me think of Indiana.  One of my homes growing up.  The second song I thought of was Happy by Pharrell Williams.  This song reminds me […]

On My Own

This is day two of living on my own.  I do have roommates but this is something I’ve never experienced.  I am almost 28 years old.  I have lived in barracks when I was in the military but I am truly on my own for the first time.  Sitting here in my little Harry Potter […]