Fashionable Balloon Art

It’s becoming all the rage in the fashion industry! More and more people are flocking to Balloon Artists for CLOTHES made out of balloons. It’s not cheap either! Some of the designs featured in magazines and websites all over the world are upwards of $500! Balloon fashion even has its own runway shows now! This […]

Cranky Morning Artist

With only a few hours of sleep, I set out with my partner this morning on a breakfast adventure and trips to some local hotspots. I spent the entire evening finishing several paintings that have been awaiting their retirement.  ONWARD AND UPWARD!  #Breakfast @Venue (check them out on Facebook) 


I woke up this morning with two songs in my mind.  The first song I thought of was Smile by Uncle Kracker. I watched the video on Youtube.  It made me think of Indiana.  One of my homes growing up.  The second song I thought of was Happy by Pharrell Williams.  This song reminds me […]

On My Own

This is day two of living on my own.  I do have roommates but this is something I’ve never experienced.  I am almost 28 years old.  I have lived in barracks when I was in the military but I am truly on my own for the first time.  Sitting here in my little Harry Potter […]